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As Trump shores adult Assad’s genocidal regime, America’s tough left is entertaining him on

Prominent left wing blogger and self-declared “anti-imperialist” Max Blumenthal was recently a special guest of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Blumenthal took to a airwaves of a hard-right, Islamophobic promotion network to rail opposite sanctions and boot incontrovertible accusations of collusion between Donald Trump’s choosing debate and a Kremlin.

Max Blumenthal on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News TV show

Normally a conditions in that a far-left find reciprocity with a far-right would lift some-more of an eyebrow, though in a universe of Trump-Russia it hardly registers anymore. This is since these voices have found ideological bedfellows on a Western far-right.

Blumenthal’s coming on Fox wasn’t an anomaly, for a editor of a ‘Grayzone Project’, presumably dedicated to “combatting Islamophobia”, has prolonged been during a forefront of a organization of Western bloggers, pundits and academics compelling pro-Kremlin promotion and regurgitating widely debunked Islamophobic swindling theories about Syrians.

Blumenthal, along with his colleagues and visit Russia Today contributors Gareth Porter, Benjamin Norton Rania Khalek have spent a best partial of a final 18 months edition allegation attacks opposite NGOs, medics, journalists, initial responders and Syrian polite multitude groups.

Virtually any organization that speaks out on a Assad regime’s debate of systematic massacre have been targeted by this sect with a demonstrate goal of fortifying a regime guilty of tellurian extermination. This work is focused precisely on portrayal any grassroots antithesis to a Assad regime as possibly a work of U.S. imperialism or borne from aroused Sunni extremists. Blumenthal and his organization have also positioned themselves as a enemies of truth, by frequently regulating their platforms to repudiate or boot a fight crimes of a Assad regime.

The irony is that Blumenthal used his coming on Fox to boot a credit of irrefutable Trump-Russia connections on a ostensible miss of evidence, since in Syria, Blumenthal and his AlterNet Grayzone colleagues have regularly abandoned justification in foster of fact-free fight crimes rejection narratives, even when those narratives protest any other. 

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But those who have followed Blumenthal’s evidence-free proceed to Assad should not be repelled by his enterprise to burst into bed with a pro-Putin worried chorus.

Take for instance a Assad regime’s atmosphere strike on a Ain al-Fijeh H2O springs in a Damascus enclave of Wadi Barada. When the open was bombed, temporarily cutting off uninformed H2O reserve for vast tools of Damascus, a regime claimed that a rebels tainted a H2O supply with diesel fuel. Despite there being no justification of this, Blumenthal ran with this lie. Following a UN review that found a Assad regime obliged for a fight crime, not usually did Blumenthal destroy to redress a lie, his co-worker Rania Khalek rejected a UN investigation and again mouthed a regime line.


The same thing happened following a regime’s barrage of a Aleppo assist procession in Sep 2016. Again, AlterNet writers started pushing a Kremlin line and, following a United Nations decisive news anticipating a regime culpable, they refuted a conclusions of a review in foster of Russian claims. This has been steady time and time again by these bloggers, whether dismissing available attacks opposite margin hospitals or undisguised denying regime culpability for chemical weapons attacks formed on claims from one unknown source. The existence is these pundits aren’t meddlesome in a sincerity of justification when it comes to regulating built claims to urge Russia or Assad from allegations of fight crimes, even following decisive eccentric United Nations investigations.

This evidence-free, promotion complicated position on Syria has been fawned over by a far-right. Blumenthal’s work has perceived purgation regard from America’s heading extremist commentators including Ann Coulter, Pamela Geller and former KKK leader David Duke

Earlier in July this year in an interview Blumenthal declared: “The [American] national confidence state has totally abrogated what should be a tip mission, that is to take on these [anti-Assad] Sunni jihadist organizations that have regularly pounded soothing targets in a West and caused chaos. They should be fighting them.”

Alexei Druzhinin/AP

Blumenthal is conflating all anti-Assad army with ISIS and Al Qaeda, as he has frequently denied a existence of any assuage Syrian rebels, a visit trope to delegitimize all anti-Assad forces.

These are a difference not of a Leftist or “anti-imperialist”, though of a Westerner entirely embracing a enlargement of Bush, Obama and now Trump’s ‘war on terror’, with a specific subtract to target Sunnis. With a healthy sip of narrow-minded hypocrisy, a longstanding defender of a designated Shia militant organization Hezbollah has plainly called for a enlargement of Trump’s barrage of civilians in a Middle East.

What Blumenthal fails to divulge is that this debate is already resolutely underneath approach and has already seen municipal deaths burst from 80 per month underneath Obama to 360 per month underneath Trump. As good as openly ancillary the Russian-backed descent opposite Aleppo, that was labelled a fight crime by a UN, it seems Blumenthal is not opposite to a bombing of Syria as prolonged as Assad’s enemies are a target. 

The U.S. is bombing Syria, and a thousands of coalition atmosphere strikes carried out opposite ISIS in foster of pro-Assad militias around Palmyra or Deir ez-Zour or against al-Qaeda-affiliated opposition militants in Idlib or Aleppo infer this, however Blumenthal’s loudest protests are saved for Assad’s atmosphere bases, not Trump’s coalition bombing civilians in mosques. It is no fluke that during a debate route Benjamin Norton endorsed Trump’s unfamiliar policy, view that was also echoed by mainstream devotee of AlterNet’s pro-Assad throng Glenn Greenwald.


The narrow-minded debase of these bloggers isn’t even quite good hidden, as evidenced by Benjamin Norton’s faux-media snub over a use of a word ‘stronghold’. When it comes to Beirut and Hezbollah, Norton is enraged by a use of a word stronghold to report areas underneath a control, however in Idlib, the entirety of a population is reduced to a ‘stronghold’ belonging to a militant organisation.

This kind of denunciation is deliberately used by these bloggers exclusively to dehumanize Syrian civilians, and on this issue, these far-left activists have found ideological reciprocity opposite “manufactured magnanimous hysteria” with a many conservative elements of a far-right.

While these ostensible leftists continue to benefaction themselves as “anti-war” or “anti-imperialist”, they are in fact behaving as full-time advocates for Russian and Iranian troops imperialism in Syria and to yield them shield in a American open block from fight crimes charges. This American far-left: far-right bloc on Syria looks set to keep flourishing, on a backs of millions of almost exclusively Syrian Sunni Arab victims, whom they’ve thrown to their fervent Assad-supporting predators. 

Oz Katerji is a writer, filmmaker and dispute publisher with a concentration on a Middle East and former Lesvos plan coordinator for British gift Help Refugees. Twitter: @OzKaterji

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