"The all-time biggest Trojan Horse"

Ever consternation because there are so many Muslims and Muslim countries in a world? Over a millennia many countries were conquered, though didn’t sojourn Persian or Greek or Roman as a box might be. The countries cowed in a name of Islam, became and remained Islamic. For instance Pakistan, partial of India, and Malaysia were Hindu; Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and N. Africa were Christian; Afghanistan was Buddhist. They are all Islamic now.

This mutation was not by possibility though by design. All these countries were cowed by force afterwards shorn of their resources and many of their women. Then a Muslim conquerors introduced Sharia and continued fighting a internal inhabitants. The inhabitants were possibly forced to modify or accorded Dhimmi (lower) status. As time went on all cultures submitted and eventually became Islamic.

The allege of Islam was finally topsy-turvy in Spain and stopped during a Gates of Vienna in 1683. Thereafter a energy of Islam went into decrease though other than Spain, it never mislaid a reason on a people it conquered.  This decrease was topsy-turvy in a Twentieth Century when Arabs became rich as a outcome of their immeasurable oil reserves. This resources was afterwards deployed to conquer a West, not by aroused Jihad, though by secrecy Jihad.

This pattern was referred to as The Islamic Doctrine. It consists of Koran (14%) that stipulates that “there is no God though ALLAH and Mohammed is his messenger”, Sira, Mohammed’s autobiography (26%) and Hadiths, verbal traditions, (60%). There are dual opposite Korans total into one, a Mecca Koran and a Medina Koran.

Dr. Moorthy Muthuswamy writes,

“About sixty-one percent of a essence of a Koran are found to pronounce ill of a unbelievers or call for their aroused conquest; during best usually 2.6 percent of a verses of a Koran are remarkable to uncover goodwill toward humanity. About seventy-five percent of Muhammad’s autobiography (Sira) consists of jihad waged on unbelievers.”

Mohammed started as a eremite reverend in Mecca. It was during this duration that a Koran 2:256 stipulated. “There is no constraint in religion” and 109:1 stipulated “You have your sacrament we have mine.” Ultimately he was chased out of Mecca and migrated with his supporters to Medina.

Then began a Jihad period.  From afterwards on people were forced to modify underneath pain of genocide or were forced to live as Dhimmis (second category citizens) and compensate (Jizya) for a payoff of vital there.  

This Jihad continued until there was no some-more discord.

Koran 2:193. “Fight them (Kafirs) until there is no some-more conflict and a sacrament of Allah reigns comprehensive though if they submit, afterwards usually quarrel those who do wrong.”

Thus it continues until everybody in a domain has submitted to Islam, accepts Dhimmi standing and pays Jizya.

Quotes from a Qur’an and Hadith on war, violence, infidels, and unbelievers might be found HERE.

For example:

Ayhat 8:12, “I shall expel apprehension into a hearts of those who are focussed on denying a truth; strike, then, their necks, [O believers,] and strike off any one of their finger-tips!”

Sura 9:5,29,41. “Slay a idolators [non-Muslims] wherever ye find them, and take them captive, and assail them, and ready for them any ambush. Fight opposite such of those who have been given a Scripture as trust not in Allah nor a final Day…. Go forth, light-armed and heavy-armed, and essay with your resources and your lives in a approach of Allah! “

Migration is partial of a doctrine of jihad.
This craziness in a Koran is resolved by a doctrine of abrogation, wherein a Medina beliefs revoke a Mecca principles.

Migration intends to pass a horde nation by this doctrine. It is driven by Islam’s condemnation opposite assimilation, and a will to dominate.

51% of a Koran concerns itself with a Kafir. It is a domestic doctrine not a eremite one. There is no golden rule. Kafirs are to be subjugated. Muslims are to dominate.

Dr Bill Warner summarizes this as follows:

“Migration is partial of a doctrine of jihad. Migration is so critical that a Islamic calendar is formed on a Hijra, Mohammed’s emigration from Mecca to Medina. Why? Because it was emigration that lead to a origination of jihad in Medina. And it was jihad that done Islam triumphant.

“In a past Muslims tended to stay in Islamic countries. Today, a new politics is to quit to Kafir lands and douse themselves in internal politics. This is a jihad of money, essay and speech. Their politics is to move a Sharia to Kafir culture. An instance is regulating Islamic income is to build departments in universities that will support Sharia and never impugn Islam.“

To know how they do it, review 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest.

Unfortunately this emigration is speedy by globalist leaders such as Chancellor Merkel and President Obama. And of course, Hillary Clinton aspires to be one of them.

Professor Belhaj explains elites “encourage emigration and accommodate Islam”, and described a peace between Muslim migrants and neoliberalism as “structural, and not accidental”.  “Migration is useful for a neo-liberal indication of a borderless, minimal, tellurian society…”

The Muslim Brotherhood met in 1991 and constructed a document that set out a vital goals for North America. The request was entered as justification in a 2008 Holyland Terror Funding Trial. It contained among other things, a following paragraphs:

“Enablement of Islam in North America, meaning: substantiating an effective and a fast Islamic Movement led by a Muslim Brotherhood that adopts Muslims’ causes domestically and globally, and that works to enhance a mindful Muslim base, aims during unifying and directing Muslims’ efforts, presents Islam as a civilization alternative, and supports a global Islamic State wherever it is.

“…the Movement contingency devise and onslaught to obtain “the keys” and a collection of this routine in lift out [sic] this grand goal as a ‘Civilization Jihadist’ responsibility.

“The routine of allotment is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all a word means.

“The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] contingency know that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in expelling and destroying a Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ a miserable residence by their hands and a hands of a believers…

“We contingency possess a poise of a art of “coalitions,” a art of “absorption” and a beliefs of “cooperation.”

Pres Obama and Secretary Clinton, on holding office, embraced a Muslim Brotherhood and worked with them to overthrow Mubarak and Assad. Luckily General al Sisi topsy-turvy their feat in Egypt and Assad, with a assistance of Iran and Russia, thwarted their skeleton in Syria.

In “Why is Obama in Bed with a Muslim Brotherhood?” we wrote The fondness between a Obama administration and a Muslim Brotherhood is a cornerstone of Obama’s New Middle East policy.”

Capt. Joseph R. John, USN (Ret), a Chairman of Combat Veterans for Congress PAC, wrote in Jun 2016:

“Members of a Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and MPAC have sinister goals that are not in support of a US Constitution or The Bill of Rights.  They have turn a really dangerous “Fifth Column” in a United States, allocated by Obama to really high and understanding positions in a US Government agencies. 

“For scarcely 8 years Obama has been stuffing a Washington bureaucracy including DHS, a CIA, DOD, a National Security Council, a White House, a State Department, any US Intelligence Agency, and a US Armed Forces with thousands of members of a CAIR, MPAC, a Muslim Brotherhood, and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups. “

In Jun of this year Donald Trump famous a risk of Muslim migration and said, “This could be a all-time good Trojan horse.” And so it is though a US elites exclude to commend it.

On Aug 15/16 he gave a speech on immigration and terrorism in that he clarified;

“A Trump Administration will settle a transparent element that will oversee all decisions regarding to immigration: we should usually acknowledge into this nation those who share a values and honour a people.

“In a Cold War, we had an ideological screening test. The time is overdue to rise a new screening exam for a threats we face today.

“In further to screening out all members or sympathizers of militant groups, we contingency also shade out any who have antagonistic attitudes towards a nation or a beliefs – or who trust that Sharia law should succeed American law.

“Those who do not trust in a Constitution, or who support prejudice and hatred, will not be certified for immigration into a country.”

So we can see, rather that tying his process to weeding out terrorists, he advocates weeding out Jihadists who wish to enslave America to Islam. This is not racism. It is common clarity and self-defense..

Trump has been stressing that Hillary Clinton wants to let in 550% some-more refugees than a 10,000 Obama let in. In response we wrote “Don’t be hoodwinked about Muslim emigration to a US”  in that we forked out that a problem is most bigger and that no eminence should be done between refugees and immigrants.

According to a news highlighted by Megyn Kelly,

“According to a Report, Obama has released over 832,000 immature cards to Muslim infancy countries in his initial 6 years of his presidency. In addition, 482,000 Muslims overstayed their visas and are not being sent back. These Muslims support Sharia  to an startling degree. In Afghanistan 99%, in Iraq 91% and in Pakistan 70%. When in a US 70% opinion Democrat.

“And now Obama is intending to concede in another 1 million Muslims.”

Jewish Americans are really understanding of permitting such numbers into a US. They disagree possibly we have a avocation to do so or that Jews should be some-more welcoming given a story of America banning Jewish immigration in a thirties and forties. But this analogy doesn’t reason adult during all. Jews were no hazard to Americans privately and to their values, since Muslims are both. Furthermore Muslims are really anti-Semitic and really anti-Israel. The Muslims have many other countries they could go to. The Jews had no other nation peaceful to take them in.  Jews are, in effect, welcoming their enemies into a country.

As for a avocation to concede Muslim immigration or any immigration, there is none.

We need Donald Trump.

Article source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/19555