UNESCO votes: No tie between Temple Mount and Judaism

In a 26-6 vote, UNESCO on Thursday gave a rough capitulation to a fortitude that ignores Jewish ties to a many holy eremite sites: a Temple Mount and a Western Wall in a Old City of Jerusalem.

Another 24 nations abstained and dual were absent all together.

Those countries who voted in support of Israel were: a United States, Great Britain, Lithuania, a Netherlands, Germany and Estonia.

According to Israel’s Ambassador to UNESCO Carmel Shama-Hacohen pronounced a remaining European states on a UNESCO elect abstained. This includes, France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

“From a morning we pronounced we were certain it would pass, though a emanate who would support it,” he told Army Radio.

He was gratified therefore, that Europe possibly voted opposite a fortitude or abstained. Sweden’s abstention is quite significant, since it typically supports such Palestinian resolutions in general bodies, he said.

The opinion was taken by UNESCO’s 58-member Programme and External Relations Commission in allege of a fortitude subsequent Monday or Tuesday, by UNESCO Executive Board, done adult of a same member states.

Opposition Leader and Zionist Union celebration conduct Isaac Herzog said, “Whoever wants to crush fact and to totally invent a anticipation that a Western Wall and Temple Mount have no tie to a Jewish people, is revelation a terrible distortion that usually serves to boost hatred.

“On this matter there is no feud among a people of Israel and we titillate UNESCO to repel this weird fortitude and to rivet in protecting, not distorting , tellurian history,” Herzog said.

In allege of Thursday’s vote, Israel’s Mission to UNESCO in Paris had given house members and general diplomats a leaflet detailing a low chronological connectors Judaism has to those sites, that are also holy to Christianity and Islam.

In a breeze of a Executive Board fortitude antiquated Sep 2016 that was shown to The Jerusalem Post, a Western Wall was mentioned twice in quotes. Otherwise it was referenced in a content by a Muslim name of a Buraq Plaza.

The text, however, does state that Jerusalem and a Old City walls is critical to all 3 religions.

When UNESCO’s 58-member Executive Board met in Paris in April, 2016 it adopted a fortitude that spoke usually of Muslim ties to a Temple Mount.

In July, another fortitude with a same linguistic emanate was brought brazen by a Palestinians and a Jordanians to a 21-member World Heritage Committee.

The matter was changed to a Oct 24-26 assembly but a vote, when a unsuccessful manoeuvre in Turkey forced UNESCO to cut brief that Jul session.

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova has in a past spoke out opposite such resolutions stating: “To repudiate or disguise any of a Jewish, Christian or Muslim traditions undermines a firmness of a site, and runs opposite to a reasons that fit a marker in 1981.”

Ultimately, however, a preference to pass these resolutions is adult to a member states on a several UNESCO committees.

A bi-partisan organisation of 39 US Congressmen led by US Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla) wrote a minute this week to a Executive Board members seeking them to opinion opposite a latest fortitude when a matter is brought adult on Thursday and Friday of this week.

“This fortitude flies in a face of, among other things, scholarship as new archeological excavations, particularly in a City of David, have suggested incontrovertible, earthy justification that reaffirms Jewish and Christian ties to a holy city of Jerusalem,” Cruz said.

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen pronounced that a fortitude implies that “Jerusalem is insignificant to Jews and Christians, with a vigilant of laying a grounds for additional UN efforts to delegitimize Israel and criticise a standing as a collateral of a Jewish State.”

“UNESCO was combined to build intercultural bargain yet, as is a box opposite a whole UN system, dogmatism and intentionally erosive function on a partial of many of a organization’s members has undermined a strange goal and usually serve underscores a need for extreme remodel via a whole UN system,” Ros-Lehtinen said.

Jewish groups, a Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and B’nai B’rith, had also called on UNESCO’s Executive Board to reject a resolution.

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