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After Elections, will Obama misuse Israel during UN?

Is President Barack Obama intending to desert a decades of bipartisan U.S. process of vetoing anti-Israel U.N. Security Council resolutions?  Specifically, is Obama scheming to assent a UN Security Council to pass a fortitude ancillary or noticing a Palestinian Arab state, and dogmatic Jewish communities built within it to be illegal?

The signs that this is indeed a box are numerous.  President Obama is laying a grounds to rationalize, and make savoury and distinct that he might take rare uneven actions opposite Israel.  Consider:

•   On Oct 5, 2016, Obama’s State Department “strongly condemned” Israel for commendatory skeleton to build 98 unit units within the existingJewish village of Shiloh in Samaria, for Jews who will be forcibly evicted from their homes in Amona.  The existent Jewish village in  Shilo that was determined in 1979 and has 3,500 existent residents.  The State Department secretly claimed that Israel was commendatory a “significant new West Bank Settlement,” and that this undermined a two-state solution, and “called into doubt Israel’s joining to achieving a negotiated peace.”

• The State Department’s Oct 5 defamation also stated: “with courtesy to a UN Security Council and any movement during a UN, a position hasn’t changed.  We’re always concerned, frankly, about biased resolutions or other actions that could be taken within a UN, and we’re always going to conflict those kinds of resolutions that we trust delegitimize … Israel and criticise a security. But we’re going to delicately cruise a destiny engagement, if and when we strech that point, and establish how to many effectively pursue and allege a design that we all during slightest explain to share, that is that of achieving a negotiated two-state solution.” [emphasis added].

Despite being prefaced with a line about a U.S. position being unchanged, a State Department’s “reconsideration” statement, on tip of the unusually oppressive denunciation of condemnation for a small proclamation of module of residential construction in an existent Jewish community, is some-more than a spirit as to a march President Obama might take.

•   Shockingly, a same day, a Obama administration questioned either Israel is a “friend.”  White House orator Josh Ernest reiterated a State Department’s ungrounded critique of Israel, wrongly stating on Oct 5 that “we did accept open assurances from Israel that protest this announcement, we theory when we’re articulate about how good friends provide one another, that’s a source of critical regard as well.”

The U.S. Congress can and should play a wilful purpose here.
•     The media soon supposing serve justification of Obama’s intentions to overturn longstanding U.S. policy.  On a day of a administration’s statements (October 5, 2016), a same “echo chamber” process that Obama help Ben Rhodes boasted of regulating to foster a Iran understanding – namely, regulating a media to foster a administration’s bulletin – was in full swing.   A New York Times essay that day quoted former Obama Administration assent negotiator, Martin Indyk, saying: “At a certain indicate … a Administration might good confirm that there needs to be consequences for what it now sees as an bid to tighten off a two-state solution.”

•   And on Oct 6, 2016, a New York Times editorial entitled “At a Boiling Point With Israel,” parroted a State Department’s fake accusations opposite Israel, and called for Mr. Obama to “lead a Security Council to put a management behind a fortitude to support a two-state solution.”

•    During his September 30, 2016 speech eulogizing Shimon Peres, Obama secretly pragmatic that Israel is “enslaving” Palestinian Arabs.  Obama quoted a leftwing Peres as saying, “The Jewish people weren’t innate to order another people” and “we are opposite slaves and masters.”  Obama also called Israeli’s first “flawed.”

•    Later a same day, after a White House central twin of Obama’s acknowledgment listed “Jerusalem, Israel” as a speech’s and burial’s location, a White House crossed out “Israel.”

•   On Sep 9, 2016, Obama’s State Department poorly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s current and accurate reason that a Palestinian Arab leadership’s steady direct for a state with “no Jews” constituted “ethnic cleansing.”

In sum, there are good reasons to trust that a belligerent is being prepared for a vital change of US policy, and vital U.S. profanation of Israel during a UN, maybe after a Nov elections.

Obama’s refusal to halt a intensity UN Resolution unilaterally substantiating or laying out borders or other parameters for a Palestinian Arab State would harm any possibility of Israel/Palestinian negotiations and peace. 

As President Lyndon Johnson wisely said: “We are not a ones to contend where other nations should pull lines between them that will assure any a biggest security. . . . [L]ines must be concluded to by a neighbors involved.” 

The U.S. Congress can and should play a wilful purpose here: it can pass legislation mandating a cut-off of U.S. appropriation for a UN and/or a Palestinian Authority if a Obama administration permits a Palestinian state fortitude to pass in a Security Council. This could stop a harmful UN resolution, that will discredit a usually little Jewish State in a universe and a 8 million inhabitants.

Morton A. Klein is a President of a Zionist Organization of America.

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