Can mild coordination reinstate defamation and controversy?

Over a final few weeks, a charge from a west, a US, has blown opposite a Atlantic  directed during partial of the Religious Zionist investiture here in a east, Israel.

In summary, 9 US rabbis addressed a minute to Rabbi Drukman, conduct of a Yeshivot Bnei Akiva and Ulpanot, per his doing of Moti Elon, a former clergyman in a complement and indicted passionate molester of several teenagers and immature men. These 9 RCA rabbis made several final of Rav Druckman, that were not met to their satisfaction. As a result, an op-ed per a emanate was published in a Jerusalem Post and articles for and opposite a announcement of a op-ed were posted on Arutz Sheva.

In the articles, a Takana Forum is referenced. This is an classification of 23 Religious Zionist individuals. group and women, headed by Rav Ariel, princely heading rabbi of a Religious Zionist movement.  Takana was shaped to residence issues of passionate abuse by environment up parameters for identifying and divining predators while also substantiating programs to teach staff and students.  

Interestingly enough, of a twenty 3 members of a Takana Forum, usually one member, a woman, was publicly vicious of Rav Druckman. Rav Ariel, conduct of a Takana Forum was confident with Rav Druckman’s response and released no open defamation in his possess name or that of his organization. 

It is accepted that a American rabbis are deeply endangered about a risk of seduction of American and Israeli students in a Religious Zionist Yeshivot, a regard that should be taken severely for all students in a Yeshivot and Ulpanot, American, Israeli or whatever a nation of start of a students.  All these students are  children of a people and even one eventuality of seduction is without question, one too many.  

My purpose in responding is not to continue a battle, to settle who is right, who is wrong on a emanate of going open with an op-ed opposite Rabbi Drukman. It is critical to see a conditions in perspective. As an American on Aliyah for several years now and as a former mental health practitioner in a US, we can overtly contend there is a opening between a American and Israeli recognition of a incidents, dangers and collection for coping with passionate abuse.  Americans are some-more open, some-more modernized and have been grappling with these issues publicly distant longer than here in most some-more regressive Israel. 

Those of us with American backgrounds can remember this was not always a case. Think behind to a comfortless days of Baruch Lanner, an NCSY personality who molested hundreds of children and teenagers while a cries of a victims were abandoned or worse, discredited.  This could not presumably be immune or condoned in American Religious Zionist circles today. Nor can it presumably be denied here in Israel yet a means of traffic with a problem are still quieter and reduction public. 

Perhaps we can all turn our energies towards a certain and  away from letters and articles and journal posts.  Having attended conferences in Jerusalem, it seems to me that conciousness raising is finished in a Israeli propagandize complement  with importance on a facile propagandize population.  

This is not sufficient.

I determine totally with the rabbis of a RCA’s suggestion that all teenagers and immature people in a Religious Zionist propagandize complement and indeed all a Israeli propagandize systems, should advantage from educational programs including workshops, swat sessions, interactive presentations. All teenagers and immature adults are intensity victims.

It is not sufficient to speak to staff, rabbis, mental health professionals, physicians, counselors, family members or any chairman of power, management or change who comes in tighten vicinity of  young adults. Often predators are among this population. Predators find out their prey.  They brand a compliant, a passive, a slightest expected to object.  Victims are sadly really unknowingly of how to hoop themselves; yet uncomfortable, victims solidify or go silent.  It is a really few and well-developed who bolt.   

Perhaps if a RCA could yield support and take the initiative in creation possible the growth of the required programs to residence a hurdles teenagers and immature adults face as potential victims both in a US and in Israel.   We can't discharge a mental illness and a offensive function of adults who would so destructively conflict children yet we can yield a children, a teenagers and a immature adults with collection and strategies to forestall victimization from ever function again.  Even one plant is one too many. 

May Hashem beam us all in solution this debate in peace, in peace and to a raise of a children, teenagers and immature adults. 

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