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Dead Sea Industries signs understanding to scratch salt and so save Dead Sea hotels

Dead Sea Industries, a fully-owned auxiliary of Israel Chemicals, sealed an agreement to lift out a initial theatre of dredging a salt from one of a evaporation pools along a Dead Sea. 

The 1-billion-shekel deal, sealed with Holland Shallow Seas Dredging, is dictated to mislay salt buildup from a company’s fifth potash prolongation pool, and so say a H2O turn so that it does not crawl and inundate a foundations of adjacent hotels. 

As partial of a project, a executive will build a specialized 24-by-120-meter dredger for a pool. The dredger will be operated invariably by dozens of workers hired by a contractor, and is dictated to collect some 5.5 million cubic meters from a bottom of a pool each year. 

The plan is required since a potash prolongation routine during a site necessitates lifting a H2O turn in a pool by 20 centimeters a year. During a potash prolongation process, a H2O evaporates in a sun, vouchsafing 20 million tons of salt penetrate to a bottom of a pool each year. 

ICL betrothed Israel’s supervision that starting in 2017, a pool would not arise above a certain level. Under that agreement, ICL will account 80 percent of a project.

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