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Do American Jews and Israel unequivocally need any other?

This week, when a American Jewish village gathers for a contemporary aliyat haregel (pilgrimage) to Los Angeles for the General Assembly of a Jewish Federations, a stretched attribute between American Jews and Israel, and a deepening cove between American Jews and Israeli Jews, takes core stage.

As an American newcomer to Israel of 3 years standing, and as a conduct of an establishment centered in Jerusalem with a tyro bottom mostly from America, we feel that we have “skin” in both games. American Jewry and Israel need any other for reasons that go distant over philanthropy, domestic support and security.   

In many ways, a dual Jewish communities are relocating in conflicting directions. Each village champions a prejudiced countenance of Jewish life that is deficient and in obligatory need of a visual a other brings.   

Zionism reminded Jews in America and worldwide that a Jewish people were still a republic with an unabated enterprise to lapse to a ancestral homeland.

By a mid-19th century, many U.S. Jews had already come to see themselves usually as a eremite village entirely during home in America. In 1841, Rabbi Gustavus Poznanski declared, during a loyalty of a new building for his synagogue in Charleston, “Washington is my Zion, Cincinnati, my Jerusalem.”

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American Judaism increasingly tangible a goal as bringing ethics and values to a universe during large. Zionism got in a approach of this universal, auspicious code of American Judaism. While  great American Jewish thinkers, such as Mordecai Kaplan and Louis Brandeis offering ways to confederate these strands, and while a strong American Zionism also emerged, a tensions between Jewish universalism and Jewish particularism are still during play in a attribute between American and Israeli Jews.  

Is a hint of Jewish life tikkun olam (repairing a world), as American Jews contend it is, or is it a presence and multiplying as a republic seeking to perform a inhabitant aspirations?   


Consider that according to a Pew studies of Israeli and American Jews respectively, 91% of Israeli Jews contend a Jewish state is required for a long-term presence of a Jewish people. But among American Jews, usually 30% feel “very attached” to Israel, and usually 43% trust caring about Israel is even an essential partial of what it means to be Jewish; a figure that drops to usually 35% among 18-45 year olds.

Likewise, 56% of American Jews see “working for probity and equality” as essential to being Jewish, while usually 27% of Israelis do so.  

American Jews are increasingly focused on a “other,” championing Jewish texts and Jewish story as collection to impact assign in a communities in that they live, in America and in a universe during large. Inclusiveness is a executive value, and a bounds between Jews and non-Jews is permeable and eventually irrelevant. 

In contrast, Israeli Jews seem to be flourishing some-more parochial, where consult after consult that shows flourishing dread and dogmatism toward Arab adults of Israel, and where there is poignant support for jailing and promulgation behind African refugees and haven seekers.  

While American Jews are building coalitions between Jews and Muslims, an Israeli member of Knesset, Bezalel Smotrich, suggests that Arabs and Jews should be distant in hospitals, generally when giving birth (the many successful arena of coexistence in Israel).   

Israelis and Americans during a entertainment unaware a Western Wall and Temple Mount, 2011.Emil Salman

Inversely, Israeli Jews are nurtures by a “thick” Jewish culture, in that Jewish texts, difference and ideas heighten not usually a eremite zone though are found as good in contemporary music, art and poetry. Israel is, after all, a usually place where a Hebrew calendar is organically integrated into a life of a country, where each holiday is gifted concurrently in a supermarket, during a bank and on a street.  

The American Jewish joining to universalism threatens to emanate a Jewish temperament that, while carrying many to minister to a universe during large, will have too small to give toward advancing Jewish scholarship, producing new interpretations of Jewish texts, or formulating new Jewish enlightenment that is in loyal discourse with a Jewish past.  

Polls intensify generalizations, of course. And so do opinion essays in newspapers, including this one. There are to be certain critical exceptions. Israel offers “first response” teams to disaster areas around a world. Likewise, American Jews lift $2 billion dollars for federations with a infancy of supports portion a Jewish community, locally and in Israel.  

Yet, ubiquitous trends do seem to advise critical differences that dilate a opening between us. American Jews are increasingly in need of a incomparable magnitude of Jewish particularism that would anchor their universalist commitments. Israeli Jews are increasingly in need of a concept prophesy that emerges from a many elemental doubt of Israel’s incomparable purpose and broader mission.   

A obvious aggadah in a Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Ketubot (110b and 111a), tells a story of Rabbi Zeira, a 4th century virtuoso in Babylonia who wanted to pierce to a land of Israel.  His teacher, Rav Yehuda ben Yechezkel, was against to people returning to Israel before a messiah’s return. Rabbi Zeira eventually sneaks divided and fulfills his dream.

This story – that forms a basement for a ultra-Orthodox rejecting of Zionism -can also be re-read in a approach that encapsulates a a widening cove between American Jews and Israeli Jews about Israel itself.  

As U.S. Jews concentration on universalism, Israeli Jews grow some-more parochial: Rabbi Abraham Heschel, a Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other faith leaders during Arlington National Cemetery, Feb. 6, 1968AP Photo/Harvey Georges

If Rav Yehuda’s position is seen as a kind of “holding out” for a perfect, messianic Israel, afterwards he could be pronounced to constraint a view of an augmenting series of American Jews. Rabbi Zeira, on a other hand, becomes a antecedent for a Israeli Jew, progressing that a less-than-perfect Israel, a Israel before a christ arrives, is still a place where dreams can start to be fulfilled.

Israeli Jews competence be in rejection about how frustratingly distant we are from a messianic perfection, and competence give deficient courtesy to a many exasperating and troublesome aspects of life here. But some-more and some-more American Jews concentration on zero else.

Aviezer Ravitzky asked a decade ago, “Can a Holy Land also be a homeland?” we consider American Jews can remind Israeli Jews that Israel is ostensible to be, after all, a holy land, that there needs to be swell on goals that are redemptive and transformative, that there is an coercion in operative toward a ideal.

American Jews need to be means to live with an Israel that isn’t there yet, and to acknowledge that even in a deficiency of a redemptive, there is something absolute and poignant in what Israel has achieved in 70 years.

In 1948, Mordecai Kaplan, wrote in The Future of a American Jew, that “Until Jews comprehend that a Jewish problem in a Diaspora and a Jewish problem in Eretz Israel are one, they are using divided from existence and defeating their possess purpose.” 

A matrimony between us competence feel a bit forced, some-more like an organised matrimony where we wish that adore will follow. But left to a possess devices, a kind of Jewish life many indispensable for a 21st century is not to be found on a own. Only together can we run toward existence and purpose.

Rabbi Leon A. Morris is a President of a Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, and a initial alumnus to conduct a organization. Twitter: @rabbileonmorris

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