Gantz: If I’m indicted while serving as PM, I will resign

Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz on Friday commented on the decision of Acting State Attorney Dan Eldad to order that a criminal investigation be launched after the March 2 election into the artificial intelligence company Fifth Dimension, of which Gantz was a senior executive.

Speaking to Channel 12 News, Gantz said he “cannot ignore the political aroma that lies behind the timing of the call for this investigation.” He stressed, however, that if he is indicted while serving as Prime Minister, he will resign.

Gantz emphasized that he respects “the law enforcement agencies in Israel and I intend to empower them as much as possible. I think such a system is an important element of Israeli democracy. Even if at times it is uncomfortable on the personal level.”

“I cannot ignore the political aroma that lies behind the timing of the call for this investigation. Nevertheless, I see the glass as half full. The system will investigate – and I am completely calm. I am not a suspect nor will I be a suspect,” he clarified.

Gantz said he believes there was no flaw in the way the Fifth Dimension operated, saying, “I am convinced that our hands are clean. You will see that there was a report by the State Comptroller who actually investigated the Israel Police and not the Fifth Dimension company – these things will be made clear.”

“There is a political aroma coming from this incident. The timing is not accidental, and neither are the circumstances nor the people involved. Nevertheless, it is important for me to emphasize that I expect the prosecutor’s office to conduct a thorough investigation that will uncover the truth. I have no complaints for the prosecution,” he continued.

“Unlike Netanyahu and his aides – who are doing everything possible to turn Israel into an Erdogan-style Turkey – I will adopt the rule of law, I will adopt the investigative institutions and the law enforcement agencies, I’ll give them the power they need,” the Blue and White chairman insisted. “I’ll also oversee them and demand reforms – I think they should also look into what’s going on with them – but that’s the most important thing. What do we want, a corrupt country, or for someone to investigate?”

Asked about his chances of forming a government with the election being 10 days away, Gantz replied that he is “the only alternative government in the State of Israel. People have to ask themselves: Do we want Netanyahu, after 14 years, to continue – or do we want to embark on a new path? Being the only alternative, I think I can and should be Prime Minister.”

Gantz expressed concern about the expected turnout in the upcoming election and said, “I’m worried that people are not yet waking up and aren’t realizing that if they don’t go out and vote for Blue and White, they are actually signing up for a fourth election.”

“We will not sit in a government with the Joint List, and we do not need their support from outside either,” Gantz made clear in response to the recent Likud campaign which insists that Gantz plans to lean on the support of the Arab parties in forming a government.

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