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Gantz: Netanyahu misleads the public

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz convened a press conference Wednesday afternoon in which he responded to the reported initiative to cancel the Knesset Dispersion Law and the elections scheduled for September.

“Netanyahu again deceives the State of Israel. He lost it. He knows that if he had not dispersed the Knesset, the president would have forced me to form the government,” Gantz said. “What we have seen in recent days is Netanyahu’s spin.”

“Netanyahu sees polls and invents lies. He forced the reality and cannot transfer the blame to others. Netanyahu did not negotiate with us the whole time he tried to form a government. If he was stately and was not thinking about his personal chair, he would have given up his place,” he added .

“Netanyahu led an unnecessary costly election campaign, along with the Likud and other factions,” Gantz said. “If the president had placed me in charge of forming a government, I would have succeeded. Netanyahu knew this, eliminated the option and sent 2019 into economic, social and governmental ruin.”

“I am here to say – if there was a legal option to form a government without Netanyahu, we would not go to elections. I am going to beat Netanyahu and form the government in the future,” Gantz concluded.

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