‘Gantz wants a dictatorship of the High Court’

The Yamina party criticized Blue and White leader MK Benny Gantz for calling for the judiciary to be superior to the other branches of government.

“Whoever proposes to make Israel a dictatorship led by the High Court And to completely eradicate the sacred separation of powers in a democratic state, it is desirable to remove his candidacy for prime minister. In any case, according to his method, his job will be worth nothing,” the party said in a statement.

“In the upcoming elections, it is clearer than ever: it is either Yamina, which will curb judicial activism, or the left,” the statement said.

Justice Minister Amir Ohana also attacked Gantz’s remarks, saying: “This is a very serious statement stemming from a lack of understanding of the foundations of democracy.”

He said, “Instead of checks and balances, the most important decisions will be made by the non-democratic judicial system (judges, lawyers and attorneys), which the public has no influence over, and not by the public – through its elected officials. This is, gentlemen, ‘the rule of officials and judges’.'”

Minister Yariv Levin also addressed a blue-and-white chairman, saying, “Benny Gantz apparently missed the citizenship class at school.”

“Gantz doesn’t know what democracy is, so here’s a synopsis: Democracy is the rule of the people and not the rule of judges. The danger that lies here is setting policies at the whims of jurors who are not elected by the public and will do tas they please with the state,” Levin adds.

He said, “Only the people will decide. We will vote for a mass sickness and restore balance to the state.

Gantz said earlier in an interview with 103FM: “I am in favor of the legal system being superior to the political system.”

“If the political system is supreme, it is a danger to the state. Here, I, as someone who wants to be prime minister, will give up this power,” Gantz added.

He said that “changes in the balance between the High Court and the Knesset should be done responsibly. The Israeli Democracy Institute has ideas on this. What matters is the law by which the legal system determines, and it is good that it is superior to the political system.”

Article source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/276482