Hamas: ‘We seized technical inclination and apparatus during botched IDF raid’

Hamas’s Izaddin al-Qassam infantry wing claimed on Saturday that a members have seized technical inclination and apparatus “containing large secrets” during a botched IDF operation in a southern Gaza Strip Nov 11, 2018. Hamas refers to a strife with a IDF section as Sword’s Edge Operation and boasts that a members were means to expose a Israeli commandos while they were handling inside a Gaza Strip.

An IDF lieutenant-colonel was killed and another officer was tolerably bleeding after a firefight erupted with Hamas terrorists during a Special Forces operation easterly of Khan Yunis. The IDF explained that a purpose of a operation was not to kill or constraint terrorists. The troops, it said, were unprotected while they “carried out a extensive operation.”

“The rivalry and a confidence army should be really worried,” pronounced Abu Obeidah, orator for a Qassam Brigades, during a press discussion in a Gaza Strip. “The value of information we gained will give us a vital advantage on a turn of a conflict of wits with a Zionist enemy.”

He offering a one million dollar prerogative and a atonement to any Palestinian “collaborator” with Israel who assists in a constraint of IDF soldiers and officers.

The IDF chosen section that infiltrated a Gaza Strip was on a goal to plant espionage inclination in sequence to view on his group’s telecommunication network, Abu Obeidah claimed.

The IDF commandos, he said, infiltrated a Gaza Strip by a “rugged area” and underneath complicated fog. “The section was versed with modernized and puncture equipment,” he added.

Abu Obediah also claimed that IDF Special Forces used feign ID cards with a names of genuine people vital in a Gaza Strip. “They used dual vehicles with fake documents,” he said. “They also fake papers of a free organization, that a [Israeli] force used as a cover for a operation.”

He also claimed that a womanlike member of a IDF section had formerly entered and exited a Gaza Strip underneath a cover of an general classification handling there.

According to a spokesman, a IDF section also used fake papers to lease a traveller shed in Khan Yunis and used it as a assembly indicate for a members.

Abu Obeidah pronounced a Qassam section intercepted a IDF commandos as they were on their approach to lift out their goal and gave follow to a outpost that was carrying a commander of a chosen unit.

After doubt a passengers of a van, he added, a Qassam members became questionable and motionless to catch them. “As a Qassam section began detaining them, a [IDF] section members non-stop fire, murdering Nur Baraka, a [Qassam] margin commander, and Mohammed al-Qarra, a Qassam fighter,” he said. “The Qassam fighters responded with gunfire, murdering a commander of a section and wounding one of a members.”

Abu Obeidah pronounced that a IDF section commandos managed to waylay both organisation and fled a scene, underneath a cover of Israel Air Force bombardments, before a attainment of Qassam reinforcements.

A helicopter that was dispatched to a area managed to rescue all a members of a IDF unit, he claimed. Five Qassam members were killed during a office and sell of gunfire, he said.

The orator pronounced that his organisation managed, after a consummate investigation, to expose a identities of a members of a IDF commandos, a inlet of their missions and a section they belonged to. The IDF unit, he claimed, had also carried out several operations in Arab and Islamic countries. He did not yield serve details.

Abu Obeidah pronounced that a sum that were published on Saturday were usually partial of a information gained by a Qassam Brigade during and after a operation. He affianced that his organisation will continue to respond to Israeli “aggression” and “amputate a viscera that aim a people and land.

The Qassam, he said, has motionless to give Palestinian “collaborators” and “traitors” a possibility to repent. Any “collaborator” who assists in a constraint of Israeli soldiers and officers, he added, will be postulated a atonement and rewarded one million dollars.

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