‘Immunity Law will harm Likud and Netanyahu’

MK Gideon Sa’ar of the Likud is opposed to the Immunity Law which would prevent an indictment against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

In an interview with Channel 12 News, Sa’ar said that “the amendment of the Immunity Law – maximum damage and minimal benefit. Personal legislation harms the public’s trust. If we had said that we would do this, we wouldn’t have gained the same trust. This law will hurt Netanyahu.”

Sa’ar claims that “someone gave the prime minister bad advice. It will harm the Likud and won’t help Netanyahu. I’m not the only one in the party who is bothered by this.”

A Likud official attacked MK Saar on his opposition to the Immunity Law: “It’s not for nothing that the leftist media doesn’t stop embracing Gideon Sa’ar. He never misses an opportunity to undermine Netanyahu and try to topple him.”

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