Is Erekat unequivocally that stupid?

You see, we am a daughter of a Palestinian.

My mom was a Jew.  Her mom was a Jew.  They were called Palestinians. 

That is what a universe called a Jews who lived in Palestine.  The Arabs were called Arabs and your leaders hijacked a word “Palestine” to try to emanate a people as they enriched themselves and their bank accounts now amounting to billions of shekels, billions of dollars, abroad genuine estate and titles of energy and fame, while your bad have never benefited.

Yes, we are foolish since a whole universe knows that Israel is a Jewish country, has been and will always be. You are foolish since your promotion is all lies and we unequivocally consider that a universe believes this promotion to be true.

Trying to explain a holy city of a Jews, Jerusalem as yours?  What about a moon – is that yours too? 

Yes, we unequivocally trust that a feign news promoted by Al Jazeera can change history?  You contingency be foolish since a Nazi epoch is still uninformed in a world’s memory and a usually people who trust we are those who hatred Jews, hatred people of colour and hatred anyone who is opposite to themselves.

Look in a counterpart and see a word “stupid” in splendid neon letters on your forehead. 

Am Yisrael Chai – a people of Israel live!  We trust in life, and we trust in death. You send your people to their deaths, only as a ancient Philistines threw their children into a glow thousands of years ago.

Indeed how stupid. But also, how sad.

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