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Keeping their memories alive

Sadness is a normal response to tragedy. We cry and we mourn as the whole world seems to close in on us. But as the initial intense feelings of grief start to dull, how do we channel the intense pain of the gaping hole in our hearts?

Anger? Anguish will often be channeled into anger. Fury at whoever we wish to hold responsible for our loss; and a need for revenge. But this does nothing to ease the pain, leaving us bitter and empty.

When victims of tragedy find the strength to overcome their negative emotions, taking action for the sake of the loved ones they mourn, the power of what they can achieve is unbelievable.

This is how the families of the five ‘kedoshim’ of Har Nof chose to respond to the horrific tragedy which upturned their lives in a few short moments of terror. Still reeling from the shocking news of the cold-blooded murder of their husbands and fathers, they decided that the deaths wouldn’t be in vain. They would fill the gaping hole, preserving the memories of their loved ones forever.

While the bereaved families were still sitting shiva, Harav Yitzchak Mordechai Rubin, Rav of Kehillat Bnei Torah, took action to honor the memories of the kedoshim eternally, establishing Kolel Ateret Kedoshim at the site of the massacre. Over the last five years, the families have found tremendous comfort in knowing that the flames of their loved ones are still aglow in the very place their lives were cut short. During the day, the night and over the weekend, Kolel Ateret Kedoshim is abuzz, with men of all ages studying Torah to honor the memories of the neighbors and fellow congregants.

The bullet holes in the walls provide chilling testimony of the atrocities that played out in Kehillat Bnei Torah on that never-to-be-forgotten morning five years ago. But the vibrancy of the Torah being studied is elevating the souls of the kedoshim in the way they would have wished.

Kolel Ateret Kedoshim is offering the opportunity to secure a portion in this remarkable project. Over the next two days, they are holding a campaign to secure the funds for another year of immortalizing the martyrs. Click here to become a partner, elevating their souls and bringing much-needed comfort to their incredible families.

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