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Intel: US, Sudan sign terror claims agreement

  • October 31, 2020

Oct 30, 2020

Sudanese and US officials signed a long-awaited claims agreement in Washington on Friday involving Sudan’s settlement payment for the victims of al-Qaeda’s 1998 Kenya and Tanzania embassy bombings.

The deal formalizes an understanding reached earlier this year between the two governments in which the Trump administration has removed Sudan from the US state sponsors of terrorism list and Sudan’s sovereign immunity will be restored via an act of Congress in exchange for Sudan paying $335 million toward a court settlement for 1998 terror attacks.

Last week, the Trump administration also extracted an additional last-minute concession from Sudan’s leaders — that they take steps to recognize Israel amid a White House push dubbed the Abraham Accords.

The State Department’s top official for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy, was present for the finalization of the claims agreement Friday. The Sudanese side was led by Ambassador Mohammad Abdallah al-Tum.

Why it matters: The delisting process is set to ease the severely indebted country’s access to international development and investment, but it comes with a price, both for Sudan’s interim rulers and American citizens.

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