Libya’s GNA takes back more of southern Tripoli from Hifter

In recent weeks, the opposition army has suffered a series of setbacks at the hands of pro-Government of National Accord forces, including the loss of two towns and a key air base. 

On Thursday night, Libyans took to the streets of downtown Tripoli to watch as forces loyal to the Government of National Accord paraded a Russian-made missile defense system they recently captured from Hifter’s army at the al-Watiya airfield. 

The foreign ministers of Turkey, which backs the Government of National Accord, and Russia, which supports Hifter, called for a nationwide cease-fire and for the players to return to the UN-led peace process. 

This week, the UN’s acting Libya envoy warned the conflict will escalate as massive amounts of weaponry, equipment and fighters continue pouring into the country. 

“The only conclusion that we can draw is that this war will intensify, broaden and deepen,” Stephanie Williams told the UN Security Council. 

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