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October 2022 Issue of Neurosurgical Focus: “Pediatric Functional Disease”

  • October 01, 2022

October 2022 Issue of Neurosurgical Focus: “Pediatric Functional Disease”

Rolling Meadows, IL (October 1, 2022). The October issue of Neurosurgical Focus (Vol. 53, No. 4 []) presents 12 articles on the neurosurgical approach to a variety of pediatric functional diseases.

Topic Editors: P. David Adelson, George M. Ibrahim, Erin N. Kiehna, and Chima Oluigbo

“Functional neurosurgery continues to evolve rapidly, driven by advances in medical technology and increased understanding…” write the Topic Editors of this issue in their Introduction. However, most of these advances have been in the treatment of adults. Therefore, they note, “our goal with this issue was to provide an initial overview of functional diseases in children, their diagnosis, and neurosurgical management.” The issue contains a variety of papers from a worldwide selection of authors covering a range of pediatric functional diseases.


Contents of the October issue:

  • “Introduction. Pediatric functional disease” by P. David Adelson et al.
  • “Racial and socioeconomic disparities in the advanced treatment of medically intractable pediatric epilepsy” by Sandeep Kandregula et al.
  • “Stereoelectroencephalography before 2 years of age” by Raphia K. Rahman et al.
  • “Subdural electrodes versus stereoelectroencephalography for pediatric epileptogenic zone localization: a retrospective cohort study” by Madison Remick et al.
  • “Comparison of outcomes after stereoelectroencephalography and subdural grid monitoring in pediatric tuberous sclerosis complex” by Thomas Larrew et al.
  • “Focal cortical dysplasia pathology: diagnostic difficulty, classification, and utility for pathogenesis” by Ozge Kapar et al.
  • “Preoperative MRI for postoperative seizure prediction: a radiomics study of dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumor and a systematic review” by Jun Wang et al.
  • “Minimally invasive procedures for hypothalamic hamartoma–related epilepsy: a systematic review and meta-analysis” by Arad Iranmehr et al.
  • “Responsive neurostimulation in pediatric patients with drug-resistant epilepsy” by Nicole Falls et al.
  • “Responsive neurostimulation for pediatric patients with drug-resistant epilepsy: a case series and review of the literature” by Kendall Curtis et al.
  • “Deep brain stimulation in children and youth: perspectives of patients and caregivers gleaned through Twitter” by Lior M. Elkaim et al.
  • “Bilateral pallidotomy for acquired or heredodegenerative generalized dystonia in children” by Kanwaljeet Garg et al.
  • “Spinal cord stimulation for treatment of chronic neuropathic pain in adolescent patients: a single-institution series, systematic review, and individual participant data meta-analysis” by Salma M. Bakr et al.

Please join us in reading this month’s issue of Neurosurgical Focus.



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