Protest against violence in the Arab sector

Members of Israel’s Arab sector staged a protest Thursday against the rampant violence and murders plaguing the Arab population of Israel.



Dozens of protesters set out in a caravan of vehicles from Wadi Ara to the Knesset building in Jerusalem displaying signs saying: “Death to Arabs isn’t a slogan, it’s a fact,” “Complaints get you killed” and “Wherever a police station is opened, crime surges.”


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Israeli Arabs protest rampant violence
Protest convoy


Ashraf from Kfar Kana told reporters: “We are not associated with any organization. We decided to begin fighting against the murders and crime in Arab society. We are sick of living with murders and nobody is dealing with the phenomenon that is destroying families.”


Another participant, Issa Fa’id, pointed out that for every million Arab residents, there are 47 murders, compared with eight in among Jewish sector. “If we don’t go out and protest and have our cries heard, then the government and police will abandon us as usual,” he said.


Death to Arabs isn't a slogan, it’s a fact




Majdi Watd said that the violence in the Arab sector threatens all of society and that we are all responsible to take measures against it. “The situation requires concrete action in order to pressure those responsible to take steps to eradicate the crime and murders.”


Protest caravan against rampant violence


Participants speak with police


A few days ago, a child was injured by shrapnel while having a Ramadan dinner with his family in the northern town of Um el Fahm. “Bullets penetrated the house and passed over the head of the girl. The incident could have ended in disaster. Even within our homes we are in danger. For how long can this continue? Today they hit a girl and tomorrow it will be other innocents,” a relative said.





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