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Second vital U.S. Jewish gift acknowledges appropriation Canary Mission blacklist

A second vital U.S. Jewish gift has concurred to a Forward that it saved a Israeli gift that appears to run Canary Mission, a online blacklist of tyro activists that a Israeli supervision has used to interrogate and detain U.S. citizens.

Between Nov of 2016 and Sep of 2017, a Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, one of a largest Jewish charities in a country, done a array of grants totaling $250,000 to Megamot Shalom, a Israeli not-for-profit classification that a Forward has identified as a expected user of Canary Mission. The substructure now says that it will not account Megamot Shalom in a future.

Israeli view organisation in Mueller examine initial attempted to criticise BDS movement ■ Revealed: Canary Mission blacklist Is personally bankrolled by vital Jewish federation ■ Official papers prove: Israel bans immature Americans formed on Canary Mission website ■ San Francisco Jewish Federation also appropriation far-right limit groups

Canary Mission operated in comprehensive privacy for 3 years while posting domestic dossiers on some-more than a thousand undergraduates, many of them concerned in pro-Palestinian activism. The site says that it intends to repairs a students’ pursuit prospects. The Forward has reported that Israeli limit guards anxiety Canary Mission during interrogations, and in October, Haaretz showed that a Israeli supervision had cited a Canary Mission dossier in an executive ask used to bar a U.S. tyro from entering Israel.

The Los Angeles substructure is now a second vital U.S. Jewish gift associated to Canary Mission, following a report last week in a Forward that a substructure tranquil by a Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, another of a largest Jewish charities in a U.S., made a $100,000 extend to support a website in 2016.

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Evidence is now building that vital Jewish institutions with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, and play of directors that embody distinguished members of a U.S. Jewish community, have played a poignant purpose in bankrolling a site.

Two other vast Jewish charities, a New York City-based Jewish Communal Fund and a Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, declined to respond to specific questions about presumably they have saved Canary Mission.

In serve to restraining a Jewish investiture to a hardline conflict on pro-Palestinian students, these revelations advise that some vast Jewish organizations are sportive small slip over grants done regulating financial instrument like donor suggested supports and ancillary foundations, that they offer in sequence to yield taxation advantages to abounding donors. All of a famous grants to Canary Mission went by such vehicles, that concede donors to advise grants to be done with supports that a charities legally control.

“A lot of people in a association universe shake their heads during a ancillary foundations and a turn of slip over grant-making that a federations are exercising,” one association official, who asked not to be named to plead supportive issues, told a Forward.

Mystery Donor

The grants from a Los Angeles substructure to Megamot Shalom were done during a recommendation of a donor whose temperament a substructure would not disclose. They were done by a foundation’s donor suggested fund, a philanthropic device that allows abounding people to park resources during a charity. While donors to a donor suggested account can advise how their gifts should be used, a resources go to a charity, and a gift contingency approve all extend recommendations.

The Forward has not perceived a response to questions it asked a Los Angeles substructure to contention to a donor.

The foundation, that has net resources of $726 million, operates a vast donor suggested account and controls some-more than 3 dozen other ancillary organizations, many of that have millions some-more in assets. It has chronological and institutional ties to a Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, a executive Jewish fundraising classification in Los Angeles. Though a dual organizations are located in a same building, they have apart play of directors and apart management.

The substructure pronounced in a matter that, following a Forward’s inquiry, there would be “no serve distributions to Megamot Shalom during this time.”

The foundation’s inner annals on a grants to Megamot Shalom do not plead Canary Mission. “The annals concomitant any of these 4 grants prove simply that they were done ‘to Megamot Shalom to quarrel anti-Semitism,’” a orator for a substructure wrote in an email. It’s not pure because a substructure did not need some-more information before commendatory a grant.

Little is famous about Megamot Shalom, or “Peace Trends.” An Israeli not-for-profit organization, it was probably different until early October, when a Forward initial connected it to a Canary Mission website. The residence that Megamot Shalom has on record with Israel’s gift registrar is a uninhabited-looking building in Beit Shemesh, a city nearby Jerusalem.

While one house member of Megamot Shalom has told a Forward that he is not informed with Canary Mission, justification points to Megamot Shalom handling a blacklisting website. Two people have separately told a Forward that Jonathan Bash, a British-born rabbi who purebred Megamot Shalom in late 2015, told them that he is in assign of Canary Mission. Bash has not responded to queries from a Forward about Megamot Shalom. Further, U.S. taxation filings by a substructure that done a $100,000 extend in support of Megamot Shalom in 2016 directly associated it to Canary Mission.

Megamot Shalom’s possess filings with a Israeli gift registrar closely compare a operations of Canary Mission. The classification says in a filings that a goal is to use digital media to strengthen a picture of a state of Israel opposite a boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. As of a finish of 2016, it employed a dozen people; staff have enclosed an editor, a writer/researcher, and a amicable media specialist.

More Questions

The Forward asked a fifteen largest Jewish federations in a U.S. presumably they had saved Megamot Shalom or Canary Mission, presumably directly or by an surrogate like the Central Fund of Israel, a New York-based gift that has routed supports to Megamot Shalom.

U.S. charities are not compulsory to brand a recipients of unfamiliar grants in their open taxation filings. Since Megamot Shalom is formed in Israel, a name would not indispensably seem in a publicly accessible annals of a U.S. gift that had sent it money.

The vast federations, that lift and disburse free gifts collectively for their internal Jewish communities, any have annual budgets that can strech into a hundreds of millions of dollars, and mostly lay during a core of a network of associated charities and ancillary foundations. Thirteen of a largest federations, formed in cities including New York, Chicago, Cleveland, and Atlanta, told a Forward that they had not saved Canary Mission.

Another federation, Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, pronounced that their routine was not to criticism on grants done by their donor suggested funds. A examination of a Boston federations’ taxation filings suggests that it is rarely doubtful that a classification saved Canary Mission. Megamot Shalom does not seem in a taxation filings; it done no grants to a Central Fund of Israel; and it done really few grants overseas. Its ancillary foundations are focused on internal causes.

The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach, however, was distant reduction transparent. The classification would not criticism on how a donor suggested supports it manages had disbursed their grants, and a gift has funded pivotal information in a open taxation filings. While a Internal Revenue Service’s taxation forms need that charities list a target of any extend they make inside a U.S., a South Palm Beach association does not do so. Instead, in a many new taxation filings, it reported a extend of $2.3 million to “various grants and allocations – accessible on request.” It reported a identical value in a before taxation year for $2.4 million.

The Forward done that ask mixed times, yet a South Palm Beach association did not respond, and would not contend presumably any of those undisclosed grants had benefited Canary Mission, presumably directly or indirectly. “It is a use and good governance to refrain from commenting on munificent disbursements from a Donor Advised Funds,” Matt Levin, a federation’s boss and CEO, wrote in an email.

In serve to seeking vast federations if they had upheld Canary Mission, a Forward put a same doubt to a Jewish Communal Fund, a New York-based Jewish gift identical in structure to a Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles. It operates a vital donor suggested fund, and is presumably a largest Jewish gift in a U.S., with resources of some-more than $1.5 billion. The classification did not respond to mixed queries about presumably it had upheld Canary Mission.

In both 2016 and 2017, a Jewish Communal Fund done grants of $1 million to a Central Fund of Israel. The Central Fund serves as a passage for U.S. grants to hundreds of Israeli charities, including worried and nonconformist groups, and was used by a San Francisco federation’s ancillary substructure to send income to Megamot Shalom.

The Jewish Communal Fund did not respond to a doubt about presumably any of a grants it had done to a Central Fund had been earmarked for Megamot Shalom.

The Wild West

As a recognition of donor suggested supports has grown massively opposite a U.S. munificent spectrum in new years, vital Jewish institutions have followed suit. Along with supposed ancillary foundations, that are stand-alone family charities strictly tranquil by a primogenitor organization, they now make adult a substantial proportion of a resources tranquil by a Jewish village establishment.

The arrangements offer poignant taxation advantages to a rich. Jewish village officials value them as a approach to build relations with abounding donors, gripping them in strike and opening an entrance to strike them adult for support.

Yet while a Jewish charities legally control both their ancillary foundations and a resources in their donor suggested funds, many have struggled to strive that control. Donors have a right to suggest how resources in a donor suggested supports are disbursed, and have seats on a house of a ancillary foundations they create. And while a charities contingency approve all of a grants from a donor suggested funds, and have authorised control over a ancillary foundations, they are retiring to contend “no” to their donors.

A chairman who advises federations on fundraising issues, and who asked not to be named in sequence to openly plead supportive matters, pronounced that federations fear losing business to a non-Jewish donor suggested funds, tranquil by vital investments firms like Fidelity and Vanguard, that levy no ideological restrictions on a grants they will approve.

Some federations and village foundations have placed boundary on that organizations can accept grants from their donor suggested supports and ancillary foundations, yet those manners have been unevenly enforced. In 2010, a Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco adopted guidelines that anathema grants to groups that validate “bigotry, assault or other nonconformist views,” or groups that attend in a BDS movement. Yet it now says that it strengthened “the implementation” of those discipline in 2017, and in a routine criminialized grants to a Central Fund of Israel, that a ancillary substructure used in 2016 to send income to Canary Mission.

A association official, who asked not to be named to plead supportive issues, told a Forward that a Central Fund of Israel is “generally not a elite partner” for Jewish federations. Yet that didn’t stop presumably a extend from a San Francisco federation’s ancillary substructure to a Central Fund in 2016, or a New York’s Jewish Communal Fund’s $1 million extend to a classification in 2017.

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