Southern Israeli male suspected of stabbing his wife

Israel Police arrested a proprietor of the southern coastal city of Eilat on Monday on guess of stabbing his wife, in what appears to be a box of domestic violence.

The wife, 39, was evacuated to a city’s Yoseftal Medical Center, where she has been in a Intensive Care Unit. Her condition is not deliberate to be life-threatening.

According to a police, they perceived a call on Monday dusk during 11 P.M. that a male had fled his unit after stabbing his wife. Patrol officers found a man, 54, and arrested him. A justice has extended his remand by 4 days on guess of aggravated attack and battery.

In December, a Welfare Ministry reported a 150 percent spike in complaints of domestic violence, following Israel-wide protests sketch courtesy to attack opposite women.

Twenty-thousand demonstrators gathered in executive Tel Aviv in Dec to criticism attack opposite women. A national strike was hold independently, with many supervision offices and companies needing their employee’s absence.

Initiators of a women’s protests told Haaretz that “one of a approach influences of a ancestral uncover of togetherness among women in a past week has been that women see they are not alone and that there’s a poignant change in open contention and recognition of attack toward women.”