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Joint Prime Minister’s Office-Health Ministry statement

  • October 14, 2020

​(Communicated by the
Prime Minister’s Office and the Health Ministry)


At the Corona Cabinet
meeting today (Tuesday, 13 October 2020), the experts and national coronavirus
project manager Prof. Ronni Gamzu presented the morbidity data for today which
stands at 3,000 verified cases a day. The morbidity situation and morbidity
trends were also presented.


There was also a
discussion of the exit plan. National Security Council head Meir Ben-Shabbat
presented the main goals and principles for planning the stages of the exit
from the lockdown. Health Ministry Public Health Services Dr, Sharon Elroi then
presented the Health Ministry outline for a gradual exit from the lockdown. The
experts said that the decision to ease the lockdown and enable a gradual
opening requires a clear-cut, definite and continual decline in morbidity, and
that additional days were needed to achieve this.


Therefore, the
government and the Corona Cabinet have decided as follows:


1. The current
regulations shall be extended until Sunday, 18 October 2020, at midnight.


2. Restrictions on air
travel and departures for overseas shall be extended until Thursday, 15 October
2020. A discussion on the issue will be held tomorrow.


3. On Thursday a
discussion will be held to evaluate a preliminary move for the exit plan,
according to the morbidity data, including the opening next week of small
businesses that do not receive the public, kindergartens and take-out.


4. After the exit plan
is approved, the various goals, indicators and stages of the plan will be
issued including details regarding the areas to be opened during each stage.


5. It shall be
permitted to leave one’s home for weddings of close family members (or of the
bride and groom themselves).


6. Professional
athletes in the premier leagues shall be permitted to train.


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