The latest Palestinian distortion – "We are all Mary"

The finish of Jan brought with it a rising of a new Islamic promotion debate called “We are all Mary,” a name referring to a mom of Jesus, and a calm purporting to uncover a universe a pang of Arab women in Jerusalem as a outcome of a “Zionist occupation’s” mistreat directed utterly during them.  The open family debate began in Istanbul, substantially a commencement of Hamas operatives, though widespread fast all over a Islamic universe interjection to a widespread use of amicable media.

The “Palestine On-line” website posted a news object per a campaign, sent by a Jerusalem correspondent, Mustafa Zabar, in that he wrote:

Jerusalem romantic Zena Amar praised a “We are all Mary” initiative, revelation a “Falestin” newspaper: “…the idea of a debate ‘We are all Mary’ is to uncover everybody a pang of a Jerusalem lady who use pain – and wish –  in Jerusalem, given she is uprooted from her family in sequence to be there when arrested or is denied entrance to Jerusalem. The Jerusalem lady is possibly a mom of a restrained or a mom of a son who is a shaheed or who has been wounded. The universe stays wordless notwithstanding a crimes of a function conflicting Jerusalem’s women. That is given a debate bears a name of Mary, a mom of Jesus, who lived underneath formidable conditions, identical to those of today’s Jerusalem woman.” 

Jerusalem romantic Hajja Khawid commented: “Jesus’ mom Mary gave birth to a best of all group and a Jerusalem lady gives birth to a group who are best during safeguarding Al Aksa, a city of Jerusalem and a holy places. Thanks to these women, group mount strong, while women are during a helm in all a battles – and that is given a function concentrates on punishing a Jerusalem woman. “

The stress of all this is clear: The Palestinians have assimilated army with a Turks to suitable a pitch of Mary, mom of Jesus, in sequence to expel themselves as victims of Israeli hardship in a same approach Mary suffered from a Roman conquerors and those Jews who collaborated with them. The Muslims have taken possession of a Christian symbol, Mary, so as to use her purpose in story as partial of their conflict conflicting a Jews.

Has a universe also lost a electrocute of Armenian and Assyrian Christians perpetrated by a Ottoman Turks during WWI?
This is zero new  After all, in his speeches Arafat would mostly speak about liberating “Jerusalem’s mosques and churches” from Jewish “occupation”, branch a Palestinians, all other Arabs and all Muslims into protectors of Christianity.  The fact is, however, that utterly a conflicting it true, as a brief demeanour during new story shows. For example, while Bethlehem was underneath Israeli rule, it was a city with a vast Christian infancy – about 85% of a residents were Christian. Nearby Beit Jala was 100% Christian. Under PA sequence over Bethlehem and Beit Jala, commencement in 1994, thousands of Christian residents were forced to rush their homes and pierce abroad after Muslims, generally a Bedouin of Beit Sachur, threatened them, aggressive them, their wives, daughters and churches. And after all this, a mostly Muslim Palestinian Arabs are now attempting to adopt Mary as if they are meddlesome in safeguarding Christianity.

In addition, a mistreat of Christians does not finish with a Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria. It flourishes in Gaza, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and in each other Islamic nation with a Christian minority.  Most intriguing is a fact that in Istanbul, a city where a “We are all Mary” debate was launched, one of a largest mosques – a Blue Mosque—is indeed a Hagia Sofia Church that a Muslims incited into a mosque in 1453.  Has a universe also lost a electrocute of Armenian and Assyrian Christians perpetrated by a Ottoman Turks during WWI?

Behind this stands a Islamic faith that Christianity, like Judaism, is “din elbatal”, a fake religion, while usually Islam is “din alkhak”, a loyal religion, and a Christians – according to a initial section of a Koran – are those “who strayed from a right path.” That is given Allah punished them with carrying to live underneath Islamic confinement as “dhimmi,” stable ones, who have usually singular rights. The Christians, like a Jews, contingency compensate a special conduct tax, a jizya, and are also flustered as a Koran final in section 9 (“Repentance”), hymn 29.

The above explains given looting churches and branch them into mosques was ostensible Muslim use in Ramle, Damascus, a Balkans, Spain, Sicily and many other places, given if Christianity is an shabby religion, given do a supporters need churches? Churches in Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, and other countries became mosques, and those functionaries holding positions in those churches were humiliated, pounded and infrequently killed over a duration of many years.

And in today’s Europe? Muslim immigrants conflict women of European descent all a time, and that is only given they are Christians. Not a few Muslim migrants trust it is ideally slight for a Muslim to do as he will with a daughters of a heretics. In their opinion, He who is on high postulated Muslims a lands of a unbelievers, their property, wives and even their lives.

The battles holding place currently in several Arab and Islamic states – Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan – are interpreted by some Muslims as a fight of Christianity (Western or Russian Orthodox) conflicting Islam, and therefore those Christians vital in Arab lands contingency compensate a price.

The accessible attribute between a Christian West and Israel, given a time of a Balfour Declaration in 1917 and adult to a Trump Declaration noticing Jerusalem as Israel’s collateral in 2017, is accepted by some Muslims as a Christian-Jewish intrigue meant to disparage a Muslim world, mistreat it and make a desires of Jews and Christians. It is for that reason  Muslims make a indicate of saying  that Balfour was an Evangelist, and that Trump is also tighten to Evangelist groups, to those who prolonged to declare a lapse of a Jewish people to a land.

Many Muslims have not lost what a European Crusaders did to their forefathers in a 11th century: they cowed a nations on a eastern Mediterranean coast, determined a Christian state, massacred Muslims and threatened to conquer Mecca. Salah ad-Din’s feat over a Crusaders dual hundred years after is still used as an instance of what a Muslim universe is thankful to do to a Christians invading Muslim lands. Several critical texts whose source is a beliefs of ISIS discussed a need to conquer Rome  (the core of Western Christianity) after a Muslim defeat of Constantinople (Istanbul) destroys a core of Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

The conditions in a universe currently is diametrically against to what Islam is peaceful to accept: Christian states – a USA, Europe, Russia – control a world’s economy, power over general politics, mechanisms and organizational  systems that run a world, such as a UN. This is a box notwithstanding a fact that according to Islam, a Christians are ostensible to live under Islamic confinement with singular rights. This drives some of a Muslims out of their minds, and they are prepared to do anything in sequence to move a universe behind to a “correct” sequence as Mohammed, a soothsayer of Islam, phrased it in a Hadith: “In  sequence that a word of Allah is autarchic and a universe of a infidel lowly.”

The Koran is filled with verses casting doubt on Christian dogma, as are a Hadiths. All a verses in a Dome of a Rock in Jerusalem are anti-Christian in nature. It is probable that a reason for this is a adversary between Christianity and Islam over omnipotence In a city, given a churches located in a Old City are comparison and some-more considerable architecturally than a few prosy mosques in that area.

In sum, it is probable to contend that what characterized Islam’s opinion to Christianity was and still is a reduction of jealousy, loathing and a transparent enterprise to take over a Christian universe and force it to commend Islam’s superiority. That is given a debate that began several days ago with a pretension “We are all Mary” is formed on a forgery of history, though full with proofs of Islam’s disastrous opinion of Christianity.

The world, however, and generally Europe and a US, hardly know a motivations behind a PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other “righteous Islamic” promotion that tries a best to assail Israel by regulating Christian  motifs, as if there were any tie between Christianity, a sacrament founded on Judaism, and a Palestine Liberation Organization whose whole raison d’etre is to cancel a Jewish people’s right to a state in a ancestral land, that happens to be the hearth of Christianity as well.

Translated by Rochel Sylvetsky, Senior consultant and Op-ed and Judaism Editor during Arutz Sheva.

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