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Top U.S. Jewish personality has little-known side pursuit as executive of Israeli gas hulk behind $15b Egypt deal

Less than dual weeks before a Israeli appetite hulk Delek Drilling announced a $15 billion understanding to siphon healthy gas to Egypt, one of a house members, Malcolm Hoenlein, told a journal that a United States should be “standing adult for” Egypt’s president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, notwithstanding his discouraging tellurian rights record.

To unequivocally know Israel and a Middle East – allow to Haaretz

“You can impugn and we can pull for tellurian rights and do all those things,” Hoenlein said. “At a same time you’ve got to commend a realities that these countries face.”

Hoenlein did not pronounce to a journal as a Delek Drilling house member. Instead, he spoke in his some-more sensitive role: as a distinguished personality of one of a American Jewish community’s many absolute unfamiliar and domestic routine advocacy groups. As a conduct of a not-for-profit Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Hoenlein has represented American Jews in meetings with a tip levels of Israeli, Arab and U.S. domestic caring for decades.

In those high-level meetings, Hoenlein speaks for some-more than 50 Jewish groups and their millions of members on matters of unfamiliar policy. His house chair during Delek Drilling, that he has hold given Jun 2017, appears to have been famous to usually a tip lay personality during a Presidents Conference. In new months, as he and a classification have advocated on issues that describe to Delek Drilling’s interests, there has been no avowal of Hoenlein’s gas association ties.

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Just a few days after Delek Drilling announced a $15 billion Egypt deal, a Presidents Conference hosted a row for a members that promoted healthy gas descent as a track to Middle East peace. One of a panelists was an executive during Noble Energy, Delek Drilling’s business partner in a Egypt deal. No one mentioned Hoenlein’s tie to a company.

Hoenlein’s attribute with Delek Drilling does not tumble within a slight definitions of a dispute of seductiveness that would provoke gift regulators in New York State, where a Presidents Conference is registered. But a revelations about his purpose during a organisation could lift questions among American Jewish officials about whose interests Hoenlein is posterior during a Presidents Conference: a Jewish community’s, or his own?

Malcolm Hoenlein with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin during a opening eventuality for a Conference of Presidents, 2018. Government Press Office

The miss of clarity around Hoenlein’s outward work also highlights a scarcely diseased governance during a Conference of Presidents, which, notwithstanding a forlorn entrance and surprising power, has a lax proceed to slip relations to other Jewish organizations.

Hoenlein’s Delek house membership “should be simply comprehensible inside and outward a organization,” pronounced Rob Reich, a domestic scholarship highbrow during Stanford University and an consultant on philanthropy. “People on a outside, a public, merit to know about this potentially tension-ridden set of roles as well.”

Members of a Presidents Conference embody a largest and many absolute groups in American Jewish open life, including a Union for Reform Judaism, with some-more than 2 million constituents, and a Jewish Federations of North America, that represents internal institutions in any Jewish village in a country.

Hoenlein did not respond to a list of combined questions. Delek Drilling declined to comment. Stephen Greenberg, authority of a Presidents Conference, pronounced that Hoenlein’s purpose during Delek Drilling did not dispute with his pursuit during a organization.

“It’s something we felt was good for a Conference,” pronounced Greenberg, who certified Hoenlein’s ask final Jun to join a Delek Drilling board. “I was happy for a Conference that Malcolm was asked to do that. There was positively no dispute between him sitting on that house and anything concerned in a Conference.”


Just off a seashore of Haifa, 3 miles underneath a aspect of a Mediterranean Sea, lies a healthy gas margin named Leviathan, named for a biblical sea monster, with a fountainhead so vast it could fuel a whole European Union for a year and a half.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies disagree that a gas field, and others like it, could clear assent and wealth for Israel. Delek Drilling, partial of a organisation owned by a Israeli noble Yitzhak Tshuva, is a vital square of that dream. Netanyahu has fought tough to support a project, heading Israel’s antitrust commissioner to resign in 2016, after Netanyahu interfered to stop him from violation adult a partnership between Delek Drilling and Noble Energy.

After years of authorised wrangling, hopes had begun to blur for a Leviathan project. Regional tensions had done deals with some intensity buyers of Leviathan’s gas, privately Turkey, seem vanishingly unlikely. So when Delek and Noble finally sealed their understanding with an Egyptian organisation in February, Netanyahu greeted it as a vital victory.

“This is a joyous day,” a primary apportion said.

The understanding was a commencement of a fulfilment of a prophesy of Israel’s destiny in that assent and mercantile wealth are achieved by healthy gas and clever business ties to certain Arab neighbors. Outside of a Israeli government, maybe no one has worked harder to grasp that prophesy than Malcolm Hoenlein.

King of a Jews

As a era of absolute Jewish village leaders fades into retirement, Hoenlein, 74, is maybe a final “king of a Jews,” a kidding-but-not-kidding pretension bestowed on usually a biggest village operators.

But Hoenlein’s roost during a Presidents Conference is surprising even among his peers during a peak of a Jewish village world, for both a border a appetite and a opacity of his dominion. Hoenlein enjoys roughly desolate entrance both to Israeli and U.S. officials. He also works underneath distant reduction slip than his Jewish village peers.

Born in Pennsylvania, Hoenlein is an Orthodox Jew, a monument among tip leaders of mainstream Jewish institutions. He lives in Flatbush, Brooklyn, and is a vital open figure in a Orthodox community. He became a executive clamp authority of a Presidents Conference in 1986, after heading a series of smaller Jewish groups.

Hoenlein is famous for his tighten ties to Netanyahu and is seen in countries like Turkey, Jordan and a United Arab Emirates as a backchannel to Israeli domestic leaders. He is on a brief list of Jewish leaders whom White House officials deliberate before announcing vital decisions on policies that impact Jewish interests.

Still, Hoenlein has no vast staff of professionals, nor a well-organized house of directors. No some-more than a dozen people work for a Presidents Conference, compared to scarcely 400 during a Anti-Defamation League. The work of a Presidents Conference is tranquil by Hoenlein, a inaugurated authority and a tiny organisation of unelected former chairmen. An executive committee, combined in a past 3 years after complaints from magnanimous members of a Presidents Conference, appears to sojourn out of a loop.

For example, when Hoenlein announced final month that a classification would search for a emissary while he remained on staff, a executive cabinet schooled a news usually by a memo that was circulated to a whole membership. One former authority of a Presidents Conference, however, told a Forward he had been consulted beforehand.

Few leaders of groups that are members of a Presidents Conference were peaceful to plead Hoenlein’s purpose during Delek Drilling. The Forward asked 11 of those leaders if they knew of Hoenlein’s role; of those who responded, zero pronounced they had known. Last year, a classification adopted a “public discourse” routine that bars members from creation a broadly tangible operation of open critiques of a Presidents Conference or a leaders, on pain of open permit or even exclusion from a organization.

Helping Sisi

Since a manoeuvre that brought Sisi to appetite in Egypt in 2013, Hoenlein has put a heft of his change behind efforts to strengthen a troops regime there. He has brought dual vast delegations of American Jewish leaders to Cairo, has met with Sisi during slightest once in a United States, and has advocated for Egyptian interests in Washington as partial of a broader Israeli bid to infer a value as an fan to leaders in Egypt.

“Malcolm has been understanding of Egypt given a coup,” pronounced Andrew Miller, who served on a National Security Council during Barack Obama’s presidency as a executive of Egypt and Israel troops issues, and now is emissary executive of routine during The Project on Middle East Democracy. “The Israeli supervision places a high priority on a attribute with Egypt, and they’re really effective in mobilizing a American Jewish village to strengthen their outreach.”

Hoenlein’s support for a Sisi supervision has continued given he assimilated Delek’s house in Jun 2017, even as a regime’s crackdown on dissidents and domestic opponents has increased. Hoenlein’s comments in early February, done in an talk with The Times of Israel, suggested that a United States should omit a Sisi regime’s purported tellurian rights violations and continue to build ties to a country.

Greenberg pronounced that Hoenlein’s comments to The Times of Israel were not associated to healthy gas. “What Malcolm was articulate about had zero to do with oil,” he said. “It had all to do with [making] certain that Sisi stays strong.”

The Delek Drilling understanding with Egypt came months after Sisi’s preference final Aug to lift a anathema on private Egyptian firms importing gas to a country. After a understanding was announced, Sisi praised it, observant his nation had “scored a goal.”

According to a authority sensitive with a matter, who asked not to be named since they were not certified to pronounce publicly, Hoenlein had no personal impasse in negotiating Delek and Noble’s understanding with a Egyptian firm, called Dolphinus Holdings.

Pumping Gas

Hoenlein has also been a unchanging disciple for oil and gas drilling in a United States and Israel. In 2013, he assimilated a house of an advocacy organisation done adult of appetite executives who pitched hydro-fracking and healthy gas scrutiny as a means of dwindling faith on Arab oil. Some members of a Presidents Conference criticized a bid publicly a time. Hoenlein stays on a house of a group, called a Council for a Secure America, according to a website.

The row contention during a Presidents Conference’s annual “mission” to Israel in February, patrician “Oil and Water: The Key Ingredients for Peace in a Middle East,” struck some attendees as being of controversial aptitude to a business of a Presidents Conference. The participation of a Noble Energy executive on a row did not lift eyebrows. But roughly no one in a room knew that Hoenlein was on a house of Noble’s partner in a creatively inked $15 billion deal.

Greenberg pronounced that an Israeli consultant, and conjunction he nor Hoenlein, designed a “Oil and Water” panel. “It was a fanciful panel,” he said.

Eastern Mediterranean Alliance

Last June, a week before Hoenlein assimilated Delek Drilling’s board, a Presidents Conference put out a singular statement celebrating a assembly between Israel, Greece and Cyprus.

The Jun meeting, a third of a kind, was partial of an bid Hoenlein has corroborated for years to build an fondness of common interests in a Eastern Mediterranean that could yield an choice appetite core to a Arab Middle East. Chief among those common interests? Natural gas.

Hoenlein has referred to this fondness as a “Mediterranean alternative.” In a 2016 talk with The Times of Israel, he pronounced that he had advocated for it around a world. “When we were in Spain we lifted it. We lifted it in Italy. We lifted it in Morocco. We lifted it in Malta. People were manageable to it,” he said.

Close Israeli ties to Greece and Cyprus are pivotal to a destiny of a Leviathan gas field. Selling a gas to Turkey, one vital intensity market, would need a tube by Cypriot waters. A fanciful tube by Cyprus and Greece could move a gas directly to a European market.

Hoenlein has attended annual missions with nongovernmental groups from Greece and Cyprus that together with a central meetings among Greek, Cypriot and Israeli leaders. The many new took place in January.

The doubt of informal alliances and gas sales has clearly been on Hoenlein’s mind. In his usually open criticism in that he’s been identified as a house member of Delek Drilling, Hoenlein told Bloomberg in Jan that Turkey was still a intensity customer for Leviathan’s gas, though a country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had “complicated progress.”

Not Bureaucratic

Hoenlein’s low corporate ties are surprising for an American Jewish leader. While companies during times find out nonprofit leaders to offer as house members, it’s roughly unheard of in a Jewish world. Only dual other leaders of vital Jewish organizations offer on corporate boards. Neither of them serves on some-more than one. (One of them, a Jewish Federations of North America’s head, Jerry Silverman, is a former wardrobe executive and now serves on a house of Weis Markets, a informal supermarket chain.) Hoenlein now serves on during slightest six.

Some of a Presidents Conference’s former leaders and members have not famous about Hoenlein’s house memberships. Others have been wakeful of some of them though devoted a classification to do any compulsory vetting.

“My arrogance is that he did it with permission,” pronounced Abraham Foxman, a former personality of a ADL. “Nobody lifted an objection.”

When Delek Drilling invited Hoenlein to join a board, a border of a vetting compulsory by a Presidents Conference was that he ask a accede of Greenberg. Greenberg pronounced yes. That was a finish of a process. Neither a executive cabinet nor a broader membership was informed.

Greenberg shielded a slip during a Presidents Conference. “We are not bureaucratic,” he said. “We do have a rights and responsibilities committee. We do have an review committee. We do have a remuneration cabinet we know accurately what a obligations are and aren’t.”

Hoenlein is now portion on a play of during slightest 5 other companies, including Fortress Biotech, a biotechnology investment firm; Nanox Imaging plc, a health caring record organisation formed in Gibraltar, and Wellsense Inc., another health caring record firm. From 1999 to 2013 he was a house member of Bank Leumi USA, a American arm of a vital Israeli bank. He has also served on a play of ODF Optronics Ltd., a troops record firm; WaterChef Inc., a H2O filtration business, and dual curative companies, Keryx Biopharmaceuticals and Manhattan Biopharmaceuticals.

He is also on a house of a Queens tomb that paid him $19,500 in 2016.

Hoenlein served on a series of a corporate play with Richard Stone, a lifelong crony and highbrow of law during Columbia University who was a Presidents Conference’s authority from 2011 to 2013. Stone did not respond to an email from a Forward.

Delek Drilling’s latest filings do not news how most Hoenlein is paid. Israeli bonds law caps remuneration for directors during a homogeneous of $32,000 a year, and fees for any assembly they attend. They can also accept grants of association stock. At a time of his appointment to a board, Hoenlein owned no Delek Drilling stock. He did not respond to an exploration about how most he was earning from Delek Drilling. In 2016 his sum remuneration from a Presidents Conference was $610,000, creation him one of a best-compensated Jewish village officials in a United States.

“Malcolm Hoenlein is a man who works for 20 hours a day,” Greenberg said. “He’s totally dedicated to a Conference. He would never do anything for any reason that would in any approach be unpropitious to a Conference. Malcolm loves and lives a Conference.”

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