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Why we will not opinion Left

1. Because a supposed a “Blue and White” party is zero though a red celebration that offers no critical bulletin other than absurd and pornographic defame opposite a right

2. Because Blue and White celebration leaders systematic IDF soldiers not to glow during Operation Protective Edge in Jul 2014, that resulted in Hamas abduction a hermit Lieutenant Hadar Goldin. At a time, Gantz was a arch of staff of a IDF and Ya’alon was apportion of defense. The soldiers had been “sent to demeanour after a tunnels” though had been systematic not to open fire. The abduction of Hadar Goldin is a outcome of orders not to glow that Gantz and Ya’alon imposed on IDF soldiers.

3. Because anyone (Gantz) who declares: “I risked a lives of Israeli soldiers to save Arabs from a Gaza Strip” can't be primary apportion of Israel.(Operation Protective Edge 2014).

4. Because a uneven disengagement from Judea and Samaria, that seems to support a offer of Israeli Prime Minister Benny Gantz, would have surpassing disastrous consequences for Israel in a areas of security, a economy, society, infrastructure and ecology. The domestic and vital precepts underlying a Oslo “peace” process, that Gantz echoes, have prolonged given disappeared.

5. Because Gantz attended a really bizarre unison for assent as a hamas dismissed rockets during a municipal race in southern Israel. Jun 2015 /News/News.aspx/196392

6. The male who led a Israel Defense Forces attended a unison nearby a Gaza border, in that an imam called for request for terrorists. (Also benefaction were Yesh Atid MP Haim Yellin and Communist MP Dov Khenin).

7. The Blanc Bleu celebration nicknamed “the 3 chiefs of staff” celebration misled a open by joining Netanyahu shares sole in 2010 with a 20153 IDF-ThyssenKrupp submarine squeeze agreement – The leaders of Blue and White distortion shamelessly given a commencement of a campaign.

8. Lapid and Gantz, who pronounce of a depletion of Jews from Judea and Samaria and a doing of a disengagement in Judea and Samaria, wish to destroy a birthright of a ancestors. we cruise it really critical to opinion for parties committed to a destiny of allotment and growth by those constant to a Land of Israel

9. No to this left which denigrates adults and disunites a Jewish people

    No to this Left that wants to break Israel and strengthen a enemies.

    No to this Left which condemns a soldiers for neutralizing a terrorist.

    No to this left and the Berlin genius that sits during a autarchic justice and believes itself above a law.

    No to this Left that caused so most Jewish blood to upsurge during a Rabin Peres era

    No to this left who has a support of a bolshevik  media.

I will not opinion Blue and White since this celebration is in my eyes dangerous for a Jewish people, this celebration would be prepared to form a bloc with a infancy Arab parties antagonistic to Israel after a Israeli choosing of Apr 9th.

Israel is my country, my house, my homeland. Israel is a nation for each Jew who is constant and loves it.

‘I do not pronounce since we have a energy to speak; we pronounce since we do not have a energy to keep quiet. ‘

– Rav Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook

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