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European Diplomats Visit Palestinian School at Risk of IsraelI Demolition

  • April 29, 2023
The Jubbet Adh Dhib school near Bethlehem is threatened with demolition by Israeli authorities. (Photo: via UK in Jerusalem Twitter page)

European diplomats visited a Palestinian school at risk of Israeli demolition in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, The New Arab reported.

The British Consulate in Jerusalem said it had joined other missions at the Jubbet Al-Dhib school near Bethlehem, noting that the school is one of 58 in the West Bank and East Jerusalem that is threatened with demolition.

“We urge Israel to reverse the demolition order and protect the right to education for all,” the consulate tweeted.

The EU Delegation to the Palestinians said about 70 children in the first to fourth grades would be impacted and lose the chance to attend school if the demolition goes ahead.

“Such demolitions should not take place,” the mission said on Twitter.

“The EU remains concerned at the continued humanitarian suffering of such actions to Palestinians.”

The Irish mission in Ramallah tweeted that Israel “must safeguard access to children’s education” in the occupied Palestinian territory.

The Society of St. Yves Catholic rights group said it brought the diplomats up to speed on news concerning the school, with pupils urging them to save it from demolition, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

The rights group said “We need to do everything” to prevent the school’s demolition and “guarantee Palestinians’ right to education”.

It also urged greater advocacy and the release of statements urging a stop to school demolitions, calling for international presence at schools threatened with demolition.

The visit comes after the general secretaries of eight British and Irish trade unions last month “urged the Israeli government immediately to call a halt” to the demolition of the Jubbet Al-Dhib school and other planned West Bank school demolitions.

(The New Arab, PC)

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