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Hundreds of Palestinians Evacuated from War-Torn Sudan

  • April 29, 2023
Part of the evacuation of Palestinians in Port Sudan. (Photo: Wafa)

The evacuation of Palestinians from war-torn Sudan continued today, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates.

Ahmed al-Deek, a Foreign Ministry official, said that the third phase in the evacuation of Palestinians from the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, began with the entry of approximately 226 students and other members of the community into Egypt, the official Palestinian news agency, Wafa reported.

He said some of them will go straight to the Rafah crossing to return to the Gaza Strip and others will go to Cairo International Airport, including holders of Lebanese documents, to be flown to other destinations.

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Al-Deek pointed out that a first batch of Palestinian civilians and military personnel were transported by sea from Port Sudan to Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia, and was immediately followed by a second batch that left on another Saudi ship sailing toward Jeddah as well for a total of 68 citizens and students.

Another group that had already arrived in Port Sudan would join them successively, bringing a total of 132 citizens who will be arriving in Jeddah.


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