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PM Netanyahu convenes Cabinet to make decisions on lowering the basic reproduction number and the number of new daily cases

  • April 06, 2021

​(Communicated by the
Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)


Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Thursday, 10 December 2020), convened the Cabinet in
order to make decisions the goal of which is to lead to the blocking and
lowering of the basic reproduction number less than 1 and the number of new
cases a day to less than 1,000.


The Cabinet decided:


1. If the basic
reproduction number reaches 1.32 or there are 2,500 new cases a day, Israel
will go over to tightened restraint for three weeks.


2. If after three
weeks from the start of tightened restraint, the basic reproduction number does
not decline to 1, a general lockdown will be imposed.


3. There will be no
additional restrictions for Chanukah.


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